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Personal Values Statement

The following values guide me in helping you develop a memorable ceremony:

Meaning – helping couples incorporate into their ceremony the appropriate level of meaning that reflects their life and relationship. To achieve this, I meet with the couple as often as they require to listen, and draw out their story and experiences so their ceremony incorporates and communicates their decision to marry.

Spirituality – Marriage is the intertwining of two hearts and lives. Your ceremony provides a public expression for two individuals to entrust the deepest part of their humanity into the trust of another. Both traditional and informal ceremonies can express this deep and intimate exchange. Never underestimate the impact that this exchange has on you, especially the groom as he awaits the arrival of his bride! Making time to allow for (often nothing has to be said) the joy of this experience during the ceremony is something I take a great deal of personal responsibility for.

Creativity – a marriage ceremony is more than an event organised to complete legal requirements. Both individuals arrive at their ceremony with extensive family history and life experiences. In preparing for your ceremony it is important to consider and include appropriate acknowledgement and recognition of the significant people and relationships in your lives. There may be family traditions, customs or rituals that can be included. Australian wedding celebrations generally last for just a few hours, whereas other cultures celebrations can be carried out over days where extensive acknowledgment is attributed to the community of people that helped prepare the individuals for adulthood and marriage. Including customs, traditions, symbols or rituals can add a unique dimension to your ceremony and this in a way can become a treasure that you pass to future generations.

Service – Providing a reliable, timely and honest level of service that exceeds any dollar amount charged is my goal!  Your marriage ceremony memories are important to me and I aim to deliver the ceremony in accordance with your desire. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, I’m probably not the celebrant for you.

Competence – I have performed marriage ceremonies for dozens of couples. Your marriage ceremony is your day and a competent celebrant must respect and ensure that the spotlight is on the couple, not an opportunity to secure their next booking from your guests! Your guests are important witnesses at your marriage ceremony and I aim to ensure that they have maximum opportunities to connect with the moment that the marrying couple are creating.


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