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He still opens her car door....and cooks!

The parents didn't need a second invitation to jump in for extra hugs as they overwhelmingly offered their support for Evan and Danica's marriage at #DustyHillVineyard this weekend!

School friends who kept in contact afterwards and who supported each other through some tough times, humbly told their guests through their vows and the stories they entrusted me to share, "just why a veterinarian and a dairy farmer were sealing their deep affection and choosing to become partners for life in marriage!"

The hot afternoon sun was cooled down a little by Dusty Hill's dam, one of the few remaining backdrops that still hold water in this gripping drought.

Unlike the undercover first date they shared where Danica didn't realise Evan was falling in love with her, they made no secret of why we were standing by the lake witnessing them commit their futures to each other.

The anchoring power of love between two people is forged through the tough and the good times.

Like so many farmers and others digging deep to endure the current tough times, Evan and Danica's story from start to finish was that they intended to outlive the tough times, apply the learnings that can only come from tough moments and not spend a moment thinking about life without each other in it!

Congratulations to you both!

Thank you Dusty Hill for the way you host weddings!

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