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Everyone and every ceremony is special

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

All the moments that lead up to a couple exchanging vows are worth capturing in some way! Even those who present a calm exterior have untold emotions "ready to pop"! 😉

This special day, on the outside, could have just been wrapped up as "that's lovely, they're eloping"! But wait, there was more!

One of the essential qualities a celebrant must bring to your ceremony is trust and respect, not stories about themselves, or that your story is their's to on-sell to your guests for future bookings. My personal commitment to each couple is to open a window into the heart and soul of your relationship, and to the degree you are comfortable, figure out "who, when and how" stories will be shared to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter.

Culture and family expectations can influence many couples decisions in how they share with the world their private and intimate bonds. Fautua and Charlie had worked through that ahead of asking me to help them marry! PS...that meant not saying a word to anyone, including members of my family who are their friends.

Each of us who helped them elope knew we were witnesses to a depth and strength that only two humans who had shared the good times and endured the toughest of times were about to do. Personal vows, written from the heart revealed why this day was celebrated the way they had chosen.

Where better to marry than on the property of their trusted family photographer with mum's and dad and children to witness their declaration "you've stuck with me and now, we're stuck together forever!"

Thank you Charlie and Tua for enriching my life and memories.

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