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  • John Carey - Celebrant

"Dad hold my basket!"

The ceremony for Joe and Moriah at Dusty Hill Vineyard was always going to be a "show stolen" by their two adorable children!

Beautiful Harper, who was ready for her wedding debut early, proudly showed me her shoes that would carry her and her basket of petals down the path to where Dad was waiting for Mum! Throwing them in the aisle and walking the catwalk in style did not quite go to plan! However, Dad was not just there to hold her basket helped her execute Plan B just before Mum walked in!

Surrounded by family and friends and a well practiced "dip and kiss" that set off the confetti throw at the end ensured most guests were covered in that everlasting symbol of celebration "your married!"

In their own words, Moriah and Joe described their relationship this way; "we may have done everything backwards, but we have done it with our whole heart in it!"

How special is their commitment to each other and their children.

That was the defining mark of their ceremony!

Everyone was in the moment and there for them to celebrate their biggest chapter yet!

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