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  • John Carey - Celebrant

You can't hurry love!

If there is one thing in life we want to hurry, it is finding that one person we can love and be loved by, for life!

We all know it is easier to find a needle in a haystack, than finding our person who is willing to walk with us through thick and thin until the end of our days. Fortunately, our highly connected world through social media and other platforms has helped shorten that distance.

Every couple's story is unique! Many of the stories I'm honoured to be trusted with as a celebrant are locked away in my vault, and are treasured gifts I receive in playing my part helping couples, through ceremony, celebrate their decision to marry.

Kath and Peter's story began in high school. Each travelled different roads away from each other, including different countries for many years, until the universe arranged for them to found, by each other, at exactly the right time!

We should never underestimate the incredible connection a high school friendship contributes to how we determine who might be our missing piece for life. Those early years, despite all the wise advice of our elders, coincides with the human programming to following our chemistry and to may our own course. Kath's symbol of hope was a gift given to her by Peter in Year 11 that sustained her in the intervening years.

It was such a honour to witness the completion of Peter and Kath road that they travelled on to this moment, where their smiles tell the story of their acceptance of each other's journey in between knowing, departing and reuniting six years ago.

Hat's off to Peter for embracing 2 dogs, 3 teens, goats, chooks, peacocks and horses, supervising kids learning to drive, completing homework and the mountains of washing and cooking each day!

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