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Grandma's win me over...every time!

There is nothing quite like the pride a grandparent displays during a wedding ceremony for one of their grandchildren!

How honoured am I to have had the privilege of marrying two (2) of Gail's granddaughters in 12 months! Only this time, I wasn't in charge of the music volume... and missed out on her "challenge" of whether the music choice and the volume was right!

Nick and Karly were part of Gail's first granddaughter's wedding in 2018, so when I saw her again yesterday I fully expected her to apply her "check and balance" approach to how proceedings were going! She let me down,...she just smiled from head to toe, and more so when Karly and Nicky acknowledged each of their grandmothers during the ceremony!

Nick taught me that you don't have to stick to the standard pick up lines to open a conversation, start a relationship and marry the person you love! Just find something of interest and put it out there! Karly graciously accepted the 3rd wheel, Nick's brother Mitch at a few of their first dates before he dropped out, and they made it work all on their own!

Ten years on, we gathered in the fabulous Sunshine Coast hinterland and celebrated their dedication to being the best for each other!

Go well Nick and Karly! Your gift of making everyone feel apart of your world is a wonderful gift.

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