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What Have I Been Thinking?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

COVID-19 has changed me, and I'm sure it has changed you!

I find myself thinking and planning differently now, and as much as my introverted nature might enjoy the experience of solitude, I often find myself reflecting on whether the new normal is good for me, or will it create the same feeling as filling in a confusing form!

More to the point, I have been thinking about how each of you are going, yes, the wonderful couples I have married and those who have had to make inconvenient change to plans. How are you driving into the "new normal?"

I have encouraged myself, and I hope you have to, by recalling the stories of your courage and conviction that you shared during preparation for your wedding! I hope you still have the laughter and tears flowing, as I know how that helped give you the courage to cross that invisible line into marriage.

There are days when I think this is just a bad dream that I will wake up from, or someone is going to click their fingers and we will "snap back" into the old ways!

One of the great mantras I have onboarded in my life is "you never waste a good crisis!"

With that thought in mind, I spend some time each day thinking about how this pandemic can be good for me, my family and the wonderful people I have met, and will meet in the coming months.

I captured the photos on this blog during lockdown as a reminder that nature always finds a way to shine!

We may not always predict the future accurately, but we can promise that we will be true to ourselves, and others and to choose the best out of each day.

I encourage each of you to lead your lives out of this new territory with the same values and priorities that guided you into marriage.

Tell me how you're going in the comments below.

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