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2+2+1 = Elopement

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

The diversity of experiences celebrants enjoy is summed up in this moment caught on camera!

Little miss, and her brother were so pleased Mum and Dad chose the top of the Bunya Mountains to exchange their vows! Why? There is just so much to discover when your all dressed up, while adults attend to what they came to the mountain to do!

Andrew the photographer, James the videographer and I witnessed the most thoughtful of vows exchanged between Ryan and Madellyn at JS Fisher Lookout atop the Bunya Mountains late one Sunday afternoon.

Thank you Ryan and Madellyn for your feedback:

..."John is an amazing celebrant! Made us feel so comfortable and confident in our ceremony. Really helped us open up and took our ceremony from our textbook views to a much more personal level, something we probably wouldn’t have approached without John. We would recommend John to anyone! Such professionalism, and prompt communication which is important. We loved our day John, thank you so much for making it amazing for us!

If you are planning a #BunyaMountains wedding please contact me through my website or Facebook page. "I would love to help create a memorable ceremony for you."

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