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Cyclones, Clouds and COVID were not invited!

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Johnathan and Eloise's interstate wedding planning started midway through 2021 with fingers crossed tightly, that the Qld border would be reopened in enough time for them to return to their home state and finish the final touches.

Thanks to Eloise's mum Tracey and her team, many of the parts that create a special day were handled to perfection, including a Plan A and Plan B!

What could never have been planned was that two other "c's" wanted to join their wedding day at late notice!

Cyclone Seth's parting gift was to leave his remnants in large portions close by the area the evening before, creating more complexities and havoc from flash flooding, road closures and lingering rain!

Hillview Cottages sits on top of the Booie Range and is closer to the heavens anytime of the year! Those special clouds turn up anytime there is a sniff of rain creating the most wonderful atmosphere and inviting presence for guests who stay at the cottages for work or leisure

Rain to the couple was nothing to be feared. They do their career in or out of it, so standing in the rain to marry wasn't remotely a concern! However, the bride determined, to the celebrant's great relief , that "it wouldn't be raining at 3pm, and that it would stop before she arrived!" Right she was!

This backdrop to the ceremony when the clouds lifted a little!

I will always remember this special day. The bride had asked her Nanna to be in her bridal party and be the first to enter!

Nanna's are best unscripted, unchoreographed and allowed to be themselves at anytime, but at a wedding where love is flowing, this Nanna was always going to be very happy to get the party started!

Nanna was every bit a free spirit. She danced her way down the aisle, threw petals like a pro and slipped in a hug for the groom on the way through.

This is her warming up at rehearsal!

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