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Do you wake a sleeping carpet snake or just work around it? My 2020!

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

2020 for me has been a year of learning to live with the uncomfortable!

My first wedding for 2020 was in the glorious Bunya Mountains! It included a guest that I had to keep one eye on, but decided it would be best to work around and leave the sleeping carpet snake alone!

COVID-19 planted itself right in the middle of our lives and plans, and in so many ways created for us 'students-of-life", some life-long lessons to participate in and experiment with; proving once again the human capability to overcome when faced with a threat.

So make the best of 2020 we did!

Some of the most special moments of 2020 for me were with couples who adapted their special day to be just them, their closest friends or immediate family to witness their ceremony in our backyard. No drought affected backdrop or bottles of hand sanitiser were going to interfere with the plans. Eri contributed her creative touches to ensure every word, tear and future promise was surrounded by beauty created out of uncomfortableness.

Being adaptable is a critical element of being a celebrant! Every wedding is unique, special and personal, even though some aspects look the same!

The greatest joy I receive in helping a couple with their ceremony is to hear their words at the end "I'm glad we did it like that!"

Thanks Jack and Kilah for the "thumbs up!"

My 2020 ends with gratefulness that 'uncomfortableness' is a reminder that if I get stuck in entitlement mode about the way life should be, no pandemic or inconvenient situation that shuts us in, locks us out or restricts our movements will teach me or any one else I love or work with a thing!

The upside of uncomfortableness is that the lessons learnt live on in so many ways for years and generations to come. I want to be that kind of person.

2021 is always going to be better than 2020 - we have learnt so much about ourselves and others! Thank you to all the couples, your families and friends for making 2020 memorable!

A few special behind the scenes and other 2020 moments!

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