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Google has never been to Paradise Creek, and now I know why!

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

I am a "country boy" by birth, and heart! Steph and Sam's opening line in their very helpful instructions to find their wedding venue was - "don't enter this road number into Google, it won't take you where you need to go!"

I really enjoy sharing in a couple's special day when they choose to celebrate on country, their home soil and the place that has made the greatest contribution to who they are as individuals and a couple!

I patted myself on the back after experiencing only one moment of self-doubt at a key intersection, as I meticulously followed the carefully written "how to find the ceremony venue instructions!"

Forestry roads can be deceiving and the right turn looked in better condition than what was on offer on the left! This probably wasn't helped by the Facetime call from my son who was graduating in the skill of changing a light bulb in a rental house he was moving out of at the exact time I reached this intersection! Three days later, three new spanners, a new step ladder and two trips to Bunnings, the two of us changed and cleaned the light fittings! Please don't ask me for handyman advice!

The ever responsive Steph somehow received my voice message in a black hole and managed to meet me at the last "turn right sign!" Soon after my precautionary phone call I reached the "left turn with three stacked tyres" instruction at exactly the number of kilometres Steph said in her note! It was just beyond here that I would locate the final sign that would confirm I was almost at "Paradise Creek", the home soil of the groom, his family and now the couple.

Trusting the direction's message was the best decision I made in the lead up to rehearsal as this is what welcomed us at the end of the windy and dusty roads!

I bought a 4wd car for exactly this reason. I never ever want to be a hassle to a couple who choose to marry on the highest, the steepest or most remote location of a place important to them".

I couldn't think of a more unhelpful request amongst the hustle and bustle of last minute wedding preparations than a call from the celebrant, "can I get a tow or a lift please" my EV has a flat battery or my car can't climb that hill!

Surrounded by the company of family and close friends, Sam and Steph opened the next chapter last Saturday!

I trust the country and the people that have shaped you as two special people continues to see you growing well into your future.

All the very best to you both!

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