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He cried...

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

COVID-19 sank Kilah and Jack's original plans to gather their whole tribe together at their grandparents property to celebrate their special day!

To get things moving in the direction she wanted, Kilah arrived under the loving escort of Jack's grandads special car and a couple of other beauties.

To help manage nerves, Jack's mum jumped in for an early kiss of approval! Dad Ken, took out the honours of Best Man.

Thanks to event management extraordinaire Kirsty from @Storybook & Co, COVID-19 lost and the day was beamed live!

The whole world got to see Jack shed sincere tears of joy (and nerves) as Kilah and her bridal party made there way across Granny's carefully manicured gardens - a project filled with love, 2 years in the making!

Each member of the bridal party made a special effort to connect with Jack as they arrived. Kilah and her mum Lisa owned the aisle as they entered to the song Jack chose for her arrival:

But, I came to life when I first kissed you

The best me had his arms around you

You make me better than I was before

Thank God I'm Yours

(c) "Yours" - Russell Dickerson

Their story began in high school, the incubator of crushes that easily get lost in teenage blushes and secrets! Fortunately a reacquaintance some years later, and a special moment shared together in Macca's drive-through (late one night) set them on the course for today! All the details of that moment are on the video thanks to @Hayley Maree May Media!

I know they will go well - Kilah cleans Jack's dog pens and he knows when she's hangry! It what's great marriages are made of, serving each other to bring out the best version of each other! Thanks @Treasure Pics for capturing all the special moments made even more beautiful thanks to the creativity of Extra Touch Designs and Hire.

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