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  • John Carey - Celebrant

Want more pink hats or blue?

See that silly look on my face? It's the look a celebrant gets when that moment arrives in a ceremony when two special people slip the last ring on! "Thanks Lucy Kinbacher Photography!"

The instructions from the couple from the outset were... "it has to be funny!"

I will let you in on a secret, "it wasn't that hard to create a fun and funny ceremony for them, because the groom excelled in the art of dry humour!" Perhaps I too share that gift a little, but he was by far, drier than a sandy desert I suggest!

Want more can be joined together to say the real name of their droughtmaster stud "Wantmore Droughtmasters!" A beautiful part of the world on the road to Burrandowan is home to these gentle giants.

When a coasty marries a country guy, you would naturally want hats to promote the virility of your herd wouldn't you? It's just her way of helping!

Little did Andrew know that Jess would expand his colour chart beyond blue hats for his beloved stud, and that his new adventures would include giving away pink hats to promote the progeny he had so proudly raised, and that just happened to be fine enough to pay for the fine jewel Jess wore on her engagement finger.

So when it's all said and done, rain, sunshine or wind, two dancers, one professional, tied the knot under a marquee instead of a tree because nature was doing its own thing one fine Friday afternoon in January.

Thank you for the tears, cheers and honour of sharing in the day you chose to become Mr and Mrs Welch.

"Thanks John for the beautiful ceremony and many many laughs that occured during it. Andrew and I had the best day" Jess and Andrew

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