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Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Here we are the second last day of August 2020, the beginning of the old normal's busy wedding season! Right? Well, sort of!

2020 is teaching us that we cannot live more than one day at a time! Plan as we like to survive 2020, we force ourselves to slow down each day to tune into how to navigate the many things that are outside of our control in this new world.

We have all become accustomed in recent months to tuning into the latest COVID news so we can prepare to turn ourselves inside out to fit the "new normal!

I am so pleased to share some thoughts about this weekend's wedding between two of the finest, down to earth, no fuss humans, who on their second attempt, succeeded in getting married at Dusty Hill Vineyard in Moffatdale! What's so special about that you may ask?

If there is anything good that can come from COVID-19, it will be that we as self-interested humans proactively consider how our actions may impact upon those whose health, or other vulnerabilities do not afford them the same protection as we who enjoy good health !

Rianna and Scott made room for a special someone in their ceremony - a parent whose health is fragile, mobility limited and communication capability diminishing.

What a joy it is to make room in a ceremony for special moments! Rather than rush over them, or put them in the corner out of mind, Rianna and Scott chose to make that person the centre of their affection and honour him equally.

I will never forget this special day, the surprise butterfly ceremony arranged by Rianna's bridesmaids and the unique sound that signalled dad and mum's full support of Rianna's marriage to Scott.

Wherever the road leads from here, the butterflies in all their haste to exit their box will remind us that another person's strength and hope can be found in the warmth of love between two human beings.

Go well Scott and Rianna.

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Will and I were very happy with John’s service.

We enjoyed how he was able to cater it to our wishes and added personal aspects to the ceremony.

We are laid back people who like to enjoy life and have fun, and we wanted our wedding to reflect this. John was happy to assist with this, and all guests commented on how they loved that the ceremony felt relaxed and laid back.  Overall, Will and I were very happy with the wedding ceremony and loved that everyone was able to join in on the celebration and fun.


Will & Emily
Dusty Hill Moffatdale

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