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  • John Carey - Celebrant

Behind the scenes on 101020

The day began with a healthy application of 50+ sunscreen for this celebrant's fair Irish skin! Yes, with the slightest expression of vanity, this was the second wedding in 20 years I wore a hat! "Shade was nowhere to be seen!"

The days in the lead up to 101020 have been hot, with dry winds and dust! I knew I had to be prepared for all the elements that nature and early morning weddings can present!

I surprised a few locals heading to town along the lonely country road I drove to my first wedding! "What's a clean car with a townie in doing along here so early?", I read from the driver's glance as he battled the morning sun and keeping his old Ford on his side of Evans Road, Ballogie! Perhaps he thought he had an unannounced visitor!

The first wedding was between two people who met when one of them asked for directions over the fence of the block he wanted to lease to run his cattle on. Neither of them were looking for a spouse, but quick thinking Tricia handed Gary her phone number in case he was in need of fencing labourer!

Three days later the phone call came for her to start work fencing, and a few short years later, a baby and many more cattle on blocks between Wondai and Ballogie, they are now Mr and Mrs!

This was the first wedding in 20 years I left without my trusty handkerchief in my pocket! I surrendered it to the groom as I had run out of tissues! The joy of this job is the "unexpected!" You just never know when the significance of a decision to join your life to another person's is going to trigger a river of joy! It did on Saturday!

A quick trip back to home base and a top up of 50+, oh and an ice pack because I dropped my PA speaker on my foot as I packed up from wedding one, saw me set off for the high hills of East Wooroolin! I can only imagine what this wonderful spot looks like after rain!

Scott and Libby had been working around COVID restrictions to settle on a date and they were grateful their closest were able to accommodate. I award them the record for cutting up the most and beautiful petals for their petal throw to celebrate their union! One that had begun in high school!

Libby arrived in cars, one of which was made in the decade of my childhood! I do like a good Holden, but she had two! The pride of family was everywhere, especially in the well watered spot that they held hands to exchange their vows in the front of Scott's family home!

So all in all, 101020 was a double delight for me! Tears, laughter, dust, back roads, petal throws, fun times, close friends, special family and a little "men in black!"

I wish both couples the best of life and the best life they can make together.

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