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Would you drive "an Ancient Toyota" to your first date?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

I smiled internally when Stephen and Amy shared the simplicity of their first date with me, because I to, also picked up my "Her Majesty" on our first date in an antiquated New Zealand Zephyr rescued from the scrap heap during my quick "not find a wife" tour in 1985! (note: finding a beautiful wife was an unexpected bonus!)

We heard Narelle from Dominos did everything in her power to channel Stephen's unending flirting with Amy during the making and delivering of pizzas into their first date, and she succeeded!

Rehearsal done!

On Saturday we gained glimpses into their wonderful journey since that first date, where yes, Stephen had to climb through the window of the Toyota to open the door on the other side for Amy.

A beautiful afternoon at Dusty Hill Vineyard brought together their closest and we were privileged to hear Amy and Stephen pledge their best of each other for each other. Fortunately their first bungy jump presented less challenges than their first date and created a window for them to see how together they would make a wonderful team!

The absence of special guests highlighted how important occasions like this are to close families and how thankful we are for modern technology that captures and transmits the emotions and feelings experienced all around the world!

Extra Touch Design & Hire arbours always bring out the best in the Dusty Hill Vineyard Dam (and ducks)

Stephen and Amy will enjoy a lifetime of healthy jousting about whether pavola is a New Zealand or Australian product, or can a dog be too fat! Nonetheless they have incorporated the two essential ingredients of a happy life early - companionship and friendship.

Just enjoying å moment together

Their bond is strong and backed with the support of their families.

Their feedback will remain a guide in my journey as a celebrant - "1000/10! John was absolutely incredible and fulfilled the ceremony of my dreams. He made the ceremony so personal and special and it brought tears to so many guests. He even wore a tie I requested! John, I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony you gave Stephen and I. You were professional but also so warm and welcoming. It was everything we dreamed of."

Go well Amy and Stephen.

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