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Is there a path that leads to your centre?

Everyone approaches the place of ceremony in their lives in their own unique way! I love being a celebrant for this any many other reasons!

Nick and Janee's special occasion was no different and it was an absolute joy to assist them share their story with family and friends who were able to travel to the @Proston Labyrinth to celebrate with them.

I find when people take time to "honour others" during any form of ceremony it brings an extra presence into the centre.

It re-centres our lives and maintains that deep awareness that we are all part of a very long chain. A sense of lingering sadness endures when that connection is broken, but unfailingly, future generations will make it their journey to reconnect to their chain in a way that brings healing, identity clarification and reconnection.

I love the various meanings of the word "honour". Today it had an active part in the ceremony including the accessories chosen to enhance the beauty of the two people making a marriage commitment to each other.

Nick and Janee chose to honour the ancestors of the land on which they chose to marry by inviting Wakka Wakka Elder, Uncle Eric Law to centre our thoughts in his Welcome to Country on how delighted his ancestors would be, that they had chosen to walk the path of the Proston Labyrinth together.

His wisdom reminded us that when people gather in circles, as his people regularly do, we are all equal. My immediate thought was to reflect upon the thousands of years before me, and imagine a shared joy between today's generations and all the ancestors of those gathered, that a family gathering and potentially a wedding had happened at this exact spot before.

A garland filled with everlasting daisies in Janee's hair, symbolised her ancestors and her grandparents, and out of gratefulness for what they had passed along, there was space created for them as a reminder and that there always will be a standing invitation for each generation to accept and carry it forward.

The new generation used devices and surprised Nick and Janee with a confetti throw. Digital technology is now part of how this moment was captured and passed along to the next!

Destiny, and how two people on indiviudal paths, often worlds apart arrive at a place like the Proston Labyrinth to hold their ceremony is another wonder my mind enjoys exploring.

When destiny is coupled with honour, or the showing of respect, it is one of the most humbling ways we can fulfil that standing invitation to recognise and pass on respect for some of the sources of wisdom and knowledge we have in our lives.

This was always going to be close to the surface during Janee and Nick's ceremony. It never left the whole way through!

I wish Janee and Nick all the very best for their future, and with gratitude thank them for sharing their story.

A great read on the history and purpose of the Proston Labyrinth is here.

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