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Pull Over... There is bush tucker here!

I first met Carmen and her delightful mum Aunty Pam just under 12 years ago!

My Monday to Friday job brings me into contact with so many wonderful people, and in their case, we were working together to avoid harming aboriginal cultural heritage during my employer's land disturbance activities. During these occasions it was not unusual for the signal "pull over" to come from Carmen in the back seat, so the sighting of bush tucker could be further investigated!

When Carmen and Roy contacted me last year asking if I would marry them on her 50th birthday, I was in! The only condition - I would have to keep the secret from their guests that they genuinely wanted to surprise! I think their guests may have thought after 26 years together this day might never come!

Friday night came together perfectly, and with so many genuine expressions of "really...tonight you're getting married", it was always going to be a another special moment added to my collection of special memories attained from sharing the marriage milestone with couples!

Surrounded by many of their grandbabies, younger family members, siblings and friends this deeply committed couple exchanged vows, honoured their elders and celebrated with guests late into the night!

The beauty of love is always in the strength of the connection between two people!

Carmen and Roy, your devotion, respect and humour towards each others is a treasure so deserving of celebration.

Thank you for making my life richer.

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